Our innovative 10-week Filmmakers Bootcamp runs 2x full days per week, and is divided into the 3 distinct industry phases, offering unique hands-on training in Pre-Production, Principal Photography, and Post-Production. Students will write, shoot, and edit creative content for real-world clients in the greater Los Angeles area. Unlike most "dime-a-dozen" short films, our final product can be added to a professional experience resume.



PHASE 1 - PRE-PRODUCTION:  Like all respectable industry projects, we lay the foundations with creative development and pre-production for a short-form project, such as a promotional business advertisement or a music video for an up-and-coming artist. Upon conducting a needs-analysis branding meeting with the client, the instructors and students will brainstorm a concept, write a professionally formatted script, prepare a shot list with storyboards, and cast actors for the upcoming shoot (weeks 1, 2, 3).


PHASE 2 - PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  Students will receive  hands-on training in principal photography as preparation for the shoot dates at the end of week 7. This includes 4K resolution camera exposure, professional lighting setups, sound recording techniques, and proper set etiquette. With our unique colored lanyard system, all students will have an opportunity to learn the ropes in every department on location during production days (weeks 4, 5, 6, 7).


PHASE 3 - POST-PRODUCTION:  While utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite in our state of the art computer lab, students will learn how to edit with Premiere Pro, record voice-over in Audition, implement motion graphics with Photoshop and After Effects, and deliver content to the client with Media Encoder.  Submitting invoices and job-searching will also be covered before they’re awarded their certificates (weeks 8, 9, 10).



Classes are taught by a rotating group of industry professionals who remain up to date by constantly working in the field. Each session is limited to a maximum of 8 students, which provides individual attention to every crew position, not only in class but also on set. With affordable tuition prices, the entire process allows students to get a better sense of how their talents can thrive in the constantly evolving entertainment industry.  From script to screen, this is your opportunity to try on all of the hats and see which ones fit best! (click here to apply)

Monday - Tuesday
Summer 2017 Winter 2017
Classes Begin 6/19 9/25
Holidays(s) or Classes
not in Session
7/3 - 7/4

11/20 - 11/21
Classes End 8/29 12/5
Thursday -  Friday
Summer 2017 Winter 2017
Classes Begin 6/22 9/28
Holidays(s) or Classes
Not in Session
7/6 - 7/7 11/10
11/23 -11/24
Classes End 9/1 12/8