ACT 1: There's an old saying, "a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none..." The phrase has been around for centuries, but it no longer carries a negative connotation, thanks to the Digital Revolution that continues to blossom with each passing year. It's no big secret that modern technology has an unpredictable shelf life, and individual responsibilities have expanded considerably in recent years to keep up with the increasing demand for professionals who possess a wide variety of skills. Hence that age-old figure of speech has been updated to, "a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none... but it's more stable than a master of one." To sum it up, if you're not willing to remain relevant by learning new techniques, then pursuing a career in today's entertainment industry might not be your smartest option.


ACT 2: Unlike most other professions, the entertainment industry doesn't really care about what degree you have or what "prestigious" University you attended. Honestly, it's all about who you know that can help get your foot in the door, and what you know that can help keep you there. Most "Big Box" film schools have a tendency to waste a lot of your valuable time and money under the false premise that "you get what you pay for." Unfortunately, the truth is that you're no closer to landing a real job after all is said and done. The vast majority of successful people will admit that they learned the most about their careers from on-the-job experience. There's no better way to acheive your goals than by proving your work ethic by making a lasting impression on your peers and potential employers.  That's where we come in...


ACT 3:  At SHARP FOCUS CREATIVE ACADEMY, our mission is to provide affordable hands-on training for individuals who desire to become successful filmmakers, and encourage them to build a valuable skill set that can help acquire sustained employment. We don't suggest that anyone attempt to utilize every single one of their talents on every single project. Instead, we teach a solid understanding of how all departments work together to create all types of media, and the importance of being versatile in all types of work environments. Our students can strive to be resourceful entrepreneurs by starting their own production company, or they may choose to focus on a surprising new area of expertise. One way or another, our graduates will be prepared to start navigating the industry, without the hot stench of debt breathing down their necks.